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Wake up gently with a light therapy alarm clock

Soon we’ll be moving towards winter with less sunlight and darker mornings, and a smarter way to wake up in the morning with gradually increased lighting that wakes you up in a gentle way instead of a loud alarm signal is a wake-up light. 

The aim of these wake-up lights is to not wake up abruptly from your deep sleep, instead these promote more a more natural way to wake up simply with a simulated sunrise. Often with the setting for how long the sun will take to go from dark to full sunlight.
If the light is insufficient, you can choose a model that has additional wake-up sounds, such as different types of bird songs or soft music. There are of course also models with radio, music playback and loud beeps if you really cannot wake up.
Those who want extra control over what is being played can select a model to which new music can be added via a USB connection. Connect to, for example, the computer and upload MP3 files that you have in your possession.
You can choose in the filter whether it should be a wake-up light that is powered from the mains, or if it should be battery-operated. With the latter it will be easier to place the light but be careful so that the battery doesn’t run out, and you don’t wake up.
We are all different when it comes to falling asleep and waking up. Therefore, it is practical with a model that has adjustable brightness. And while we prefer to avoid that annoying snooze button, it might be useful to have one close to hand.
Another practical tip to wake up gently is to use a mobile wake-up application. They often support gradually increasing audio and you can choose your own songs or tones that suits you best. Another way is to have an activity tracker or a smartwatch with vibration function. Then you’ll wake up with a gentle vibration on your wrist and not any sound.

Author: Daniel Haaf

Translator: Åsa Sondén Cook

Photo: / oatawa

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