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Sunglass season is here!

When the first warm rays of sunshine reach us, we turn to the sun almost on reflex. In order to enjoy the sun in full, it’s important to choose the right kind of sunglasses. On PriceSpy we help you to choose between different features, brands and compare prices before you buy.

UV radiation is not only dangerous for our skin, but also for our eyes. Tanning is the skin's defense against UV radiation, the eye however, is not affected in the same way and does not provide the same clear warning signs. Using a pair of dark sunglasses without UV protection risk damaging your eyes more than if you hadn’t been using any, as the pupils are increasing in size to let in more light. The CE mark means that your sunglasses filter out most of the harmful UV radiation. UV400 filter filters out all harmful UV radiation. Ray-Ban and Oakley are two of the most popular brands on PriceSpy and qualify for UV400.

Choosing sunglasses is not always easy. Your sunglasses will not only protect your eyes, but could also be used as a cool accessory. By using PriceSpy’s Buying Guide you can easily choose between different functions, types, and colours to find just what you're looking for. One tip is to only choose sunglasses that are polarized. Polarized sunglasses make the colours brighter, the contrasts stronger and reduce reflections that otherwise could tire your eyes. You’ll notice a big difference wearing polarized sunglasses particularly in traffic or at sea.

Emma Cedell

Foto: / jacoblund

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